Drottningholm Palace

A UNESCO World Heritage site and the private residence of the Swedish royal family, showcasing Baroque architecture and beautiful gardens.

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The Royal Apartments

Experience the opulence of the royal living quarters, featuring intricate furnishings and priceless artwork. Learn about the lives of Sweden's monarchs and their contributions to the country's history.


The Palace Theatre

Discover the stunning palace theatre, showcasing extravagant decorations and impressive acoustics. Catch a performance or concert for an unforgettable experience.


The Chinese Pavilion

Admire the exquisite Chinese porcelain and furniture in this unique pavilion, a testament to the cultural exchange between Sweden and China in the 18th century.


The Palace Garden

Stroll through the picturesque palace garden, boasting impressive fountains, sculptures, and a tranquil atmosphere perfect for a relaxing break.


The Armoury

Explore the impressive armoury, housing an extensive collection of weapons and armour from the 16th to 18th centuries. Learn about the art of warfare and the tactics used by Sweden's military.


The Palace Chapel

Visit the beautiful palace chapel, adorned with stunning frescoes and ornate woodwork. Services are still held here today, offering a glimpse into Sweden's spiritual heritage.


The Royal Gift Shop

Find unique souvenirs and mementos in the royal gift shop, featuring handmade crafts, books, and exclusive Drottningholm Palace merchandise.


The Palace Café

Indulge in delicious pastries, sandwiches, and coffee at the palace café, offering a tranquil setting with views of the palace gardens.