Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Explore the city's archipelago, admire historic architecture, and experience the cultural richness of this Scandinavian gem. Stockholm invites you to discover its unique blend of tradition and modernity, promising authentic experiences at every turn.


Discover Stockholm's top attractions including the iconic Gamla Stan (Old Town), Skansen, Fotografiska (Photography Museum), Vasa Museum, Drottningholm Palace and beyond. Elevate your experience with our immersive audio guides, unlocking the secrets of each site.

Gamla Stan (Old Town)

The historic heart of Stockholm, featuring narrow cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, the Royal Palace, and Stortorget square.


This stunning cathedral, built in the 13th century, is one of the oldest and most historic buildings in Stockholm. Its Gothic architecture and beautiful stained glass windows make it a must-see attraction in Gamla Stan.



This charming courtyard is hidden away in the heart of Gamla Stan, surrounded by picturesque wooden houses and cobblestone streets. It's a peaceful oasis in the midst of the bustling city, and a great spot for a relaxing break or a photo opportunity.


Bastion Torg

This historic square is one of the oldest in Stockholm, dating back to the 16th century. It's surrounded by beautiful buildings and offers stunning views of the city skyline. Be sure to check out the statue of Saint George and the Dragon, a popular spot for photos.



This charming street is one of the oldest in Gamla Stan, lined with historic buildings, cozy cafes, and unique shops. It's a great place to explore on foot and take in the local culture.


Gamla Stan Museum

This small museum is dedicated to the history of Gamla Stan, offering a fascinating glimpse into the city's past. Exhibits include artifacts from the Viking era and the medieval period, as well as interactive displays that bring the history to life.



This tiny island in the heart of Gamla Stan is home to one of Stockholm's most famous landmarks: Riddarholmen Church. The church dates back to the 13th century and features stunning Gothic architecture and beautiful frescoes.


Mårten Trotzigs Grand

This quaint alleyway is one of the narrowest streets in Gamla Stan, measuring just 90 centimeters wide. It's a charming spot for a photo opportunity or a relaxing stroll.


Stora Hoparegränd

This picturesque street is one of the prettiest in Gamla Stan, lined with colorful wooden houses and charming cafes. It's a great spot for exploring on foot and taking in the local culture.


An open-air museum and zoo on Djurgården Island, showcasing traditional Swedish buildings, cultural exhibits, and a variety of animals.

Skansen's Main Entrance

Our journey begins at the grand main entrance of Skansen, which sets the tone for an immersive and engaging experience. As you step inside, you'll be surrounded by the sights and sounds of a traditional Swedish village, complete with charming wooden cottages, bustling market squares, and friendly locals ready to share their stories and customs.


The Open-Air Museum

As we make our way through the museum, you'll discover a collection of over 150 historic buildings from different parts of Sweden, showcasing the country's rich cultural heritage. Take note of the intricate woodcarvings, colorful textiles, and traditional crafts on display, all of which reflect the region's unique history and traditions.


The Animal Park

Get ready to meet some furry friends at Skansen's Animal Park! This beloved attraction is home to a variety of Swedish farm animals, including cows, goats, pigs, and sheep. Be sure to check out the adorable miniature horses and donkeys, as well as the impressive reindeer display.


The Skansen Stage

As we continue our tour, we'll make a stop at the Skansen Stage, where you can catch live performances ranging from traditional folk music to contemporary dance. Whether it's a lively puppet show or an enchanting fairytale, these captivating performances will add another layer of magic to your Skansen experience.


The Skansen Restaurant

After all that exploring, you deserve a delicious meal at the Skansen Restaurant! Indulge in traditional Swedish cuisine like meatballs, gravlax, and lingonberry jam, all made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Don't forget to try some of Sweden's famous aquavit or glögg for a truly immersive experience.


The Craft Workshops

Get creative at Skansen's craft workshops, where you can learn traditional Swedish techniques like woodcarving, weaving, and pottery-making. Take home your handmade souvenirs as a reminder of your unforgettable Skansen adventure.


The Children's Zoo

This attraction is perfect for families with little ones! The Children's Zoo features a petting area, playground, and educational exhibits all designed to teach kids about the importance of animal care and conservation. Plus, your little ones will love getting up close and personal with the adorable animals.


The Gardens

Last but not least, let's explore Skansen's beautiful gardens, which showcase a diverse range of flora and fauna. Take a stroll through the fragrant herb garden, admire the vibrant flower beds, or simply sit back and enjoy the tranquil surroundings – there's no better way to cap off your Skansen adventure.

Fotografiska (Photography Museum)

A contemporary photography museum in Stockholm, showcasing a diverse range of photographic exhibitions and visual storytelling.

Fotografiska (Photography Museum)

One of the world's largest photography museums, located in the heart of Stockholm. With over 60 exhibitions annually and a collection of over 4 million photographs, it is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in photography or art.


Permanent Collection

Fotografiska's permanent collection features works by some of the world's most renowned photographers, including Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Dorothea Lange. The collection spans from the invention of photography to contemporary works, showcasing the evolution of the medium.


Temporary Exhibitions

Fotografiska hosts over 60 exhibitions annually, featuring both Swedish and international photographers. Past exhibitions have included works by Steve McCurry, Martin Parr, and Platon, among others.


Swedish Photography

Fotografiska is dedicated to promoting Swedish photography, with a permanent collection featuring works by some of Sweden's most celebrated photographers. The museum also hosts regular exhibitions showcasing the latest talents in Swedish photography.


Photography Education

Fotografiska offers a range of educational programs for visitors of all ages, from workshops and masterclasses to lectures and discussions. These programs provide unique insights into the medium and offer a chance to learn from some of the world's leading photographers.


Café & Restaurant

Fotografiska's café and restaurant offer a range of delicious options for visitors, including organic coffee, homemade pastries, and gourmet meals. The café is also home to a unique collection of vintage cameras and photographica.


Gift Shop

Fotografiska's gift shop features a range of photography-related items, including books, prints, and unique souvenirs. It is the perfect place to find gifts for photography enthusiasts or to treat yourself to something special.



Fotografiska's stunning architecture is worth exploring in its own right. The museum is housed in a former Customs House, with exposed brick walls and high ceilings creating a spacious and dramatic setting for the exhibitions.

Vasa Museum

A maritime museum in Stockholm, housing the Vasa ship, a 17th-century warship that sank on its maiden voyage and was salvaged centuries later.

The Vasa Museum's Grand Hall

As you enter the museum, you'll be greeted by the grand hall, a stunning space with a 17th-century atmosphere. The hall features an impressive stone staircase and offers breathtaking views of the ship, which lies just beyond the entrance.


The Vasa Ship

The centerpiece of the museum is, of course, the Vasa ship itself. This magnificent warship was commissioned by King Gustav II Adolf in 1625 and took over two decades to build. The ship is an incredible feat of engineering and design, with intricate carvings and details that will leave you in awe.


The Vasa's Tragic History

As you explore the museum, you'll learn about the tragic history of the Vasa ship. On its maiden voyage in 1628, the ship sank just a few hundred meters from the shore, claiming the lives of over 30 crew members and civilians. The ship was lost for centuries before being rediscovered and painstakingly restored.


The Vasa's Cargo Hold

The cargo hold of the Vasa is filled with replicas of period-appropriate goods, giving you a glimpse into what life was like in 17th-century Sweden. You'll see everything from canvas sails and rigging to cooking utensils and weapons.


The Vasa's Navigation Deck

Step aboard the navigation deck, where you'll learn about the ship's navigational systems and how sailors used the stars and instruments to chart their course. You'll also see intricate carvings and decorations that add to the ship's charm.


The Vasa's Gun Deck

As you make your way to the gun deck, you'll notice the dramatic change in atmosphere. The deck is filled with cannons, ready to defend the ship against any threats. You'll also see exhibits showcasing the weapons and armor used by the ship's crew.


The Vasa's Captain's Quarters

Step inside the captain's quarters, where you'll get a glimpse into the life of the ship's commander. The room is decorated with period-appropriate furniture and artifacts, giving you a sense of what life was like for the captain and his crew.


The Vasa's Lower Gunports

As you make your way down to the lower gunports, you'll see how the ship's cannons were loaded and fired. The gunports are narrow openings in the ship's hull that allowed the cannons to be aimed and fired.

Drottningholm Palace

A UNESCO World Heritage site and the private residence of the Swedish royal family, showcasing Baroque architecture and beautiful gardens.

The Royal Apartments

Experience the opulence of the royal living quarters, featuring intricate furnishings and priceless artwork. Learn about the lives of Sweden's monarchs and their contributions to the country's history.


The Palace Theatre

Discover the stunning palace theatre, showcasing extravagant decorations and impressive acoustics. Catch a performance or concert for an unforgettable experience.


The Chinese Pavilion

Admire the exquisite Chinese porcelain and furniture in this unique pavilion, a testament to the cultural exchange between Sweden and China in the 18th century.


The Palace Garden

Stroll through the picturesque palace garden, boasting impressive fountains, sculptures, and a tranquil atmosphere perfect for a relaxing break.


The Armoury

Explore the impressive armoury, housing an extensive collection of weapons and armour from the 16th to 18th centuries. Learn about the art of warfare and the tactics used by Sweden's military.


The Palace Chapel

Visit the beautiful palace chapel, adorned with stunning frescoes and ornate woodwork. Services are still held here today, offering a glimpse into Sweden's spiritual heritage.


The Royal Gift Shop

Find unique souvenirs and mementos in the royal gift shop, featuring handmade crafts, books, and exclusive Drottningholm Palace merchandise.


The Palace Café

Indulge in delicious pastries, sandwiches, and coffee at the palace café, offering a tranquil setting with views of the palace gardens.

Nobel Museum

A museum in Stockholm dedicated to the Nobel Prize and its laureates, featuring exhibits on the history and impact of the prestigious award.

The Nobel Museum's Permanent Exhibition

Discover the history of the Nobel Prize and its winners through interactive exhibits, films, and artifacts. Learn about the lives and achievements of the laureates and be inspired by their groundbreaking work.


Alfred Nobel's Life and Legacy

Explore the life story of Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prize. Learn about his early years, his scientific discoveries, and how he became one of the wealthiest men in Europe.


Nobel Prize Winners' Presentations

View presentations given by Nobel Prize winners, showcasing their research and findings. Get a glimpse into the cutting-edge science and ideas that have shaped our world.


The Nobel Banquet and Ceremony

Step back in time to experience the grand Nobel Banquet and Ceremony, where laureates receive their awards and give their acceptance speeches. Learn about the history of the event and its significance in the world of science and culture.


The Nobel Memorial

Pay respects to the Nobel Prize winners who have passed away at the Nobel Memorial, featuring a stunning stained-glass ceiling and intricate stone carvings. Reflect on the impact of their work and the enduring legacy of the Nobel Prize.


Nobel Museum's Temporary Exhibitions

Discover temporary exhibitions that showcase the latest achievements in science, literature, and peace. These exhibitions offer a unique glimpse into the current state of knowledge and innovation.


Nobel Peace Prize Exhibition

Learn about the Nobel Peace Prize and its recipients, who have made significant contributions to world peace and human rights. See artifacts and films that highlight their work and the impact of their achievements.


The Nobel Museum's Architecture and Design

Admire the stunning architecture and design of the Nobel Museum, featuring a grand entrance hall, elegant galleries, and state-of-the-art exhibit spaces. Learn about the building's history and significance in Stockholm's cultural landscape.

ABBA The Museum

A museum dedicated to the pop group ABBA, featuring exhibits on their music, career, and interactive displays for fans of the band.

The ABBA The Museum in Stockholm: A Journey Through Music and Memories

As an experienced tour guide, I would take my group of tourists to the ABBA The Museum in Stockholm, a unique and interactive experience that immerses visitors in the world of Sweden's most beloved pop group. Here are the top 8 places I would pay attention to when giving a tour of the museum.


The ABBA Exhibition

First, we would explore the ABBA Exhibition, where visitors can learn about the history of the band, see iconic costumes and instruments, and even step into the studio to record their own version of an ABBA hit. This is a must-see for any fan of the group.


The ABBA Gallery

Next, we would head to the ABBA Gallery, where visitors can see rare and intimate photos of the band, as well as artifacts like handwritten lyrics and personal letters. This is a great place to gain a deeper understanding of the band's history and significance.


The Dancing Queen Dance Floor

Of course, no tour of the ABBA The Museum would be complete without a visit to the Dancing Queen Dance Floor, where visitors can dance along to some of ABBA's most famous hits. This is a great way to get active and have fun while learning about the band's music.


The ABBA Store

After all that dancing, we would head to the ABBA Store, where visitors can pick up souvenirs like t-shirts, posters, and other ABBA merchandise. This is a great place to find unique gifts for fellow fans or to treat yourself to something special.


The Museum Café

Before we leave, we would stop by the Museum Café for some refreshments and to rest our dancing feet. The café serves a variety of Swedish-inspired snacks and drinks, as well as ABBA-themed treats like ABBA-shaped cookies and cupcakes.


The Outdoor ABBA Exhibition

Finally, we would head outside to explore the outdoor ABBA Exhibition, where visitors can see even more artifacts and memorabilia related to the band. This is a great place to take some photos and soak up the atmosphere of the museum.

Skeppsholmen Island

An island in central Stockholm, home to museums, galleries, and green spaces, providing a peaceful escape from the bustling city.

The Royal Palace of Stockholm

This grand palace was built in the 18th century and serves as the official residence of Sweden's royal family. Take a guided tour to explore the opulent interiors, including the spectacular Hall of State and the Royal Apartments.


The Swedish Museum of National Antiquities

Discover the history and culture of Sweden at this museum, which features a vast collection of artifacts from prehistoric times to the present day. Highlights include the ancient Viking treasures and the stunning Gold Room.


The Gustavianum Museum

Located in a beautiful 17th-century building, this museum showcases Sweden's artistic and cultural heritage, with works by famous artists such as Rembrandt and Picasso. Don't miss the stunning courtyard garden.


The Stockholm Cathedral

This impressive cathedral dates back to the 13th century and features stunning architecture and beautiful stained-glass windows. Take a guided tour to learn about its rich history and significance.


The Swedish History Museum

Explore the history of Sweden from prehistoric times to the present day at this engaging museum. Highlights include interactive exhibits, artifacts, and a stunning collection of historical maps.


The Skeppsholmen Island Park

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in this picturesque park, which features beautiful gardens, walking trails, and stunning views of the surrounding waters.


The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts

Admire the works of Sweden's most talented artists at this prestigious academy, which features a stunning collection of paintings, sculptures, and other art forms.


The Museum of Modern Art

Experience the cutting-edge of Swedish art at this modern museum, which features a diverse collection of contemporary works by local and international artists.

Royal Palace of Stockholm

The official residence of the Swedish monarch, featuring opulent rooms, the Armory, and the changing of the guard ceremony.

The Royal Palace of Stockholm

Our first stop is the stunning Royal Palace of Stockholm, one of Sweden's most iconic landmarks and a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the city. This grand palace has served as the official residence of the Swedish royal family since 1754 and offers a glimpse into the country's rich history and culture.


The Guard Parade

As we enter the palace grounds, be sure to catch the daily Guard Parade, which takes place at 12:15 PM from April to September and at 1:15 PM from October to March. Watch as the palace guard, dressed in their iconic blue and gold uniforms, perform a carefully choreographed routine that has remained unchanged since the 19th century.


The Royal Apartments

Next, we'll explore the opulent Royal Apartments, which showcase the palace's exquisite decor and furnishings. Be sure to admire the intricate carvings, gilded details, and priceless artwork that adorn the walls and ceilings of these stunning rooms.


The Treasury

The Treasury is a real treat for history buffs and culture enthusiasts alike. This impressive collection includes everything from ancient artifacts to glittering jewels, giving visitors a glimpse into the royal family's fascinating past.


The Armory

The Armory is home to an impressive array of weapons and armor dating back to the Middle Ages. Marvel at the gleaming suits of armor, intricately decorated weapons, and historic artifacts that tell the story of Sweden's military history.


The Palace Church

Step inside the beautiful Palace Church, which has served as the royal family's place of worship for centuries. Admire the stunning architecture, intricate carvings, and ornate decor that make this church one of the palace's most breathtaking features.


The Royal Stables

No visit to the Royal Palace would be complete without a tour of the impressive Royal Stables. Learn about the history of the palace's horses and see the magnificent steeds up close, along with their elaborate harnesses and carriages.


The Palace Gardens

Finally, be sure to explore the beautiful Palace Gardens, which offer a peaceful retreat from the bustling city. Stroll through the manicured lawns, admire the vibrant floral displays, and take in the stunning views of the palace from different angles.

Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral)

The oldest church in Stockholm, featuring medieval architecture, religious artifacts, and the famous statue of Saint George and the Dragon.

The Stunning Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral) in Stockholm

Discover the majestic Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral) in Stockholm, a stunning example of Gothic architecture and one of the city's most iconic landmarks. As your experienced tour guide, I will take you on an unforgettable journey through this magnificent cathedral, highlighting its rich history, cultural significance, and breathtaking features.


The Towering Spires

Gaze up at the towering spires of Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral), which soar high into the sky and offer panoramic views of the city. Learn about the intricate stone carvings and ornate details that adorn the spires, and hear the fascinating stories behind their creation.


The Magnificent Interior

Step inside the cathedral and be awed by its majestic interior. Admire the intricate stained glass windows, ornate altarpieces, and delicate wood carvings that adorn the walls and ceilings. Hear about the history of the cathedral's art and architecture, and learn how it has been preserved and restored over the centuries.


The Royal Tombs

Visit the royal tombs within the cathedral, which house the remains of Sweden's most famous monarchs. Learn about their lives, reigns, and legacies, and hear the stories behind their burials in this sacred place.


The Cathedral's Link to the Swedish Royal Family

Discover how Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral) has been closely tied to the Swedish royal family throughout history. Learn about the cathedral's role in coronation ceremonies, state funerals, and other important events that have shaped Sweden's monarchy.


The Choir Stalls

Examine the intricately carved choir stalls within the cathedral, which feature some of the most exquisite woodwork in all of Stockholm. Hear about the history of the stalls, their significance to the cathedral's musical heritage, and the artisans who crafted them.


The Cathedral's Connection to the Reformation

Learn about Storkyrkan (Stockholm Cathedral)'s role in the Protestant Reformation, which had a profound impact on Sweden and its people. Hear about the cathedral's transformation from a Catholic place of worship to a Lutheran one, and see how this history is reflected in its architecture and art.


The Treasury

Visit the cathedral's treasury, which houses an incredible collection of religious artifacts, including ancient manuscripts, ornate crosses, and other precious items. Learn about the history and significance of these objects, and hear stories about their provenance and preservation.