Krakowskie Przedmieście

A historic street in Warsaw, lined with elegant townhouses, churches, and monuments, connecting the Old Town with the Royal Castle.

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Krakowskie Przedmieście

Welcome to one of the most iconic streets in Warsaw! This charming avenue is lined with historic buildings, picturesque squares, and bustling cafes. As your experienced tour guide, I'll show you the top attractions and hidden gems that make this street truly unforgettable.


The Royal Castle

Once the residence of Polish kings, the Royal Castle is a must-see attraction in Warsaw. This stunning building has been beautifully restored after World War II and now houses a museum showcasing Poland's rich history and cultural heritage.


The Saxon Garden

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enter the serene oasis of the Saxon Garden. This picturesque park is home to stunning sculptures, tranquil lakes, and lush greenery – the perfect spot for a relaxing break.


The Warsaw Uprising Museum

Learn about the bravery and sacrifice of the Warsaw Uprising at this poignant museum. Through interactive exhibits and personal stories, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the city's turbulent history and the resilience of its people.


St. Anne's Church

Step inside this charming church and marvel at its stunning baroque architecture and ornate decorations. This historic landmark has played a significant role in Warsaw's religious and cultural life for centuries.


The Old Town Market Square

At the heart of Krakowskie Przedmieście lies the vibrant Old Town Market Square, bustling with street performers, local vendors, and delicious food stalls. Take a moment to soak up the lively atmosphere and sample some traditional Polish cuisine.


The Copernicus Science Centre

Unleash your inner scientist at this cutting-edge museum! With interactive exhibits, virtual reality experiences, and hands-on activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy – from curious kids to science enthusiasts.