St. Stephen's Cathedral

The iconic cathedral in the heart of Vienna known for its impressive architecture.

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St. Stephen's Cathedral's Towers

The iconic towers of St. Stephen's Cathedral are a must-see attraction in Vienna. Standing at over 450 feet tall, they offer breathtaking views of the city and are a testament to the cathedral's grandeur.


The Cathedral's North Facade

Admire the intricate stone carvings and ornate statues that adorn the north facade of the cathedral. Look for the famous 'Giant's Grave,' a series of large stones said to be the graves of giants from local legend.


The Colorful Tiled Roof

St. Stephen's Cathedral is known for its stunning, multi-colored tiled roof. Take a closer look and you'll see that each tile bears the coat of arms of a different Austrian family or guild, reflecting the cathedral's rich history and cultural significance.


The Crypt below the Cathedral

Descend into the crypt beneath the cathedral and explore the final resting place of many notable Viennese figures, including several Austrian emperors. The crypt is also home to an impressive collection of artwork and artifacts.


The Paintings in the Cathedral's Nave

Look up towards the ceiling of the cathedral's nave and you'll see a series of beautiful frescoes depicting scenes from Vienna's history and legend. These vibrant paintings are a testament to the city's artistic heritage and add to the cathedral's stunning visual appeal.


The Statue of St. Stephen

At the heart of the cathedral is the statue of its patron saint, St. Stephen. This impressive bronze sculpture stands over 20 feet tall and is surrounded by intricate stone carvings and ornate decorations.


The Cathedral's Organs

Listen for the stirring sounds of the cathedral's magnificent organs, which have been played during important events throughout Vienna's history. Take a moment to appreciate the intricate craftsmanship and beautiful details of these iconic instruments.


The Cathedral's Treasury

Discover the cathedral's treasury, home to an incredible collection of religious artifacts, including a stunning 15th-century monstrance and intricately carved chalices. This is a must-see for anyone interested in religious art and history.