Kadriorg Palace

A baroque palace and art museum surrounded by a beautiful park, built for Peter the Great.

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The Grand Hall

This opulent hall is the first thing you'll see when entering the palace. It was used for receptions and official events during the 18th century, and its walls are adorned with magnificent frescoes depicting scenes from Greek mythology.


The Royal Apartments

These luxurious rooms were once the private quarters of the Russian tsars who ruled Estonia from this palace. Take note of the intricate wood carvings, gilded decorations, and crystal chandeliers that fill these spaces.


The Armory

This impressive room showcases a collection of medieval weapons and armor used by the knights of the Teutonic Order. Don't miss the impressive suits of armor, including one belonging to King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden.


The Palace Garden

Step outside into the beautiful palace garden, where you can stroll along winding paths and take in the tranquil surroundings. Keep an eye out for the ornate fountains and sculptures scattered throughout the gardens.


The Orangery

This charming building was once used to cultivate exotic plants and fruits, brought back by the tsars from their travels around the world. Today, it houses an art gallery featuring works by local artists.


The Great Courtyard

This grand courtyard was once the heart of palace life, where servants and guards would gather to attend to their duties. Look up at the ornate balconies and take note of the intricate stone carvings on the walls.


The Chapel

This small but elegant chapel was built in the early 19th century and features stunning stained glass windows and a beautifully decorated altar. It's a peaceful oasis amidst the bustle of the palace.


The Palace Kitchen

Step into the palace kitchen, where you can see historic cooking utensils and equipment used to prepare meals for the royal family. Don't miss the impressive wooden display of traditional Estonian dishes.