Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is a rectangular forum surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient government buildings. It was the center of Roman public life for centuries.

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The Temple of Julius Caesar

Here stands a testament to one of Rome's greatest leaders, Julius Caesar. This magnificent temple was built in 29 BC to honor Caesar's divine spirit and cement his legacy as a god among mortals. Admire its intricate architecture and ponder the significance of this imposing structure in the heart of the Roman Forum.


The Arch of Titus

This iconic arch stands as a symbol of Rome's imperial power and the triumphs of its emperors. Built in AD 82 to commemorate the victory of Emperor Titus over the Jewish rebels, it features intricate carvings and sculptures that recount the events of this pivotal moment in Roman history. Take a closer look at the relief panels and witness the grandeur of Rome's architectural achievements.


The Basilica of Maxentius

This magnificent basilica was built in the early 4th century AD and features an impressive blend of Roman and Gothic architecture. Once a bustling marketplace, it now stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Rome's people and their unwavering dedication to their city. Take note of the intricate mosaics and marble floors that adorn this stunning structure.


The Forum of Augustus

This expansive public square was built in 2 BC to honor Rome's first emperor, Augustus. It features several notable landmarks, including the Temple of Saturn and the Arch of Augustus. As we explore this vibrant space, imagine the bustling activity that once filled its streets, from merchants selling their wares to politicians debating the fate of the empire.


The Column of Trajan

This towering column was erected in AD 113 to commemorate Emperor Trajan's victories over the Dacians. Admire its intricate carvings and the story they tell of Rome's military prowess and strategic conquests. Take a closer look at the statue of Trajan atop the column, a testament to his unwavering leadership and vision for a stronger Roman Empire.


The House of the Vestal Virgins

This ancient residence was once home to the Vestal Virgins, priestesses charged with maintaining the sacred flame of Rome. Explore the ruins of this historic building and imagine the daily lives of these revered women, who were tasked with preserving the spiritual heart of the Roman Empire. Take note of the unique architecture and the intricate mosaics that adorn its walls.


The Roman Senate House

This impressive structure was once the seat of Rome's legislative body, the Senate. It features a stunning blend of Roman and Greek architectural styles and served as the venue for many historic debates and decisions that shaped the empire. As we explore its ruins, imagine the weighty discussions that took place within these very walls.