Norsk Folkemuseum

The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, an open-air museum showcasing traditional Norwegian architecture and cultural heritage.

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The Main Building

This grand wooden building is the heart of the museum, showcasing a range of traditional Norwegian architecture and craftsmanship. Admire the intricate carvings and colorful painted ceilings that adorn the interior.


The Farmhouse

Explore a reconstructed 19th-century farmhouse, complete with period furnishings and traditional cooking utensils. Learn about the daily lives of rural Norwegians and how they managed to thrive in this challenging climate.


The Fishing Village

Step back in time to a bustling fishing village, complete with authentic boats, nets, and fishing gear. Discover the importance of fishing in Norwegian culture and how it shaped the country's history.


The Iron Age Exhibit

Uncover the mysteries of Norway's Iron Age past at this fascinating exhibit, featuring artifacts and recreations of ancient Viking settlements. Learn about the advanced metalworking techniques used by these skilled craftsmen.


The Sami Exhibit

Discover the unique culture and traditions of Norway's indigenous Sami people, showcased through colorful textiles, jewelry, and ceremonial objects. Learn about their ancient beliefs and practices that continue to thrive today.


The Rural Life Exhibit

Step into a recreated rural landscape, complete with crofts, barns, and farm animals. Experience the sights, sounds, and smells of traditional Norwegian farming life and learn about the challenges faced by these hardworking communities.


The Urban Life Exhibit

Explore a recreation of Oslo's bustling city center in the late 19th century, complete with shops, cafes, and street performers. Learn about the growth and development of Norway's capital city and how it became a thriving hub of culture and commerce.


The Folk Art Collection

Admire a stunning collection of traditional Norwegian folk art, featuring intricate woodcarvings, colorful textiles, and exquisite silver jewelry. Discover the stories behind each piece and how they reflect the country's rich cultural heritage.