Kon-Tiki Museum

A museum housing the Kon-Tiki raft and other artifacts from Thor Heyerdahl's expeditions, celebrating exploration and adventure.

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The Kon-Tiki Museum's Collections

The museum boasts an impressive collection of over 1,000 objects from the Pacific Islands, including sculptures, textiles, and tools. One of the highlights is the collection of Easter Island artifacts, which offers a glimpse into the mysterious culture of this remote island.


The Kon-Tiki Museum's Permanent Exhibition

In addition to the main exhibition, the museum has a permanent exhibition that showcases the history of exploration and discovery in the Pacific. You'll learn about the early European explorers, such as James Cook, and how they impacted the cultures and societies of the Pacific Islands.


The Kon-Tiki Museum's Temporary Exhibition

Currently on display is a special exhibition featuring artifacts from the Fatu Hiva expedition, which explored the Marquesas Islands in the Pacific. This unique exhibit offers a rare glimpse into the cultures and traditions of this remote island chain.


The Kon-Tiki Museum's Garden

Take a break from the exhibits and explore the beautiful garden of the Kon-Tiki Museum. The garden features a variety of plants and flowers that are native to the Pacific Islands, as well as several sculptures and art installations that reflect the region's rich cultural heritage.


The Kon-Tiki Museum's Café

After a morning of exploring the exhibits, stop by the museum's café for a delicious meal or snack. The café offers a variety of Pacific Island-inspired dishes and drinks, such as poke bowls and coconut water.


The Kon-Tiki Museum's Gift Shop

Finish your visit to the Kon-Tiki Museum by browsing the gift shop, which offers a wide selection of Pacific Island-themed souvenirs and gifts. From traditional wood carvings to colorful textiles, you're sure to find something to remember your trip by.


The Kon-Tiki Museum's Special Events

The museum also hosts a variety of special events throughout the year, such as lectures, workshops, and cultural performances. Check the museum's website or ask one of our friendly staff members for more information.