Royal Palace of Madrid

The official residence of the Spanish royal family, showcasing opulent rooms, historical artifacts, and the beautiful Sabatini Gardens.

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The Royal Palace of Madrid

Our first stop is the iconic Royal Palace of Madrid, a grandiose structure that has served as the official residence of the Spanish royal family since the 18th century. This stunning palace boasts an impressive mix of Baroque and Renaissance styles, with intricate architecture, opulent decorations, and breathtaking frescoes adorning its walls and ceilings.


The Armory

Next, we'll explore the impressive Armory, home to an extensive collection of weaponry and armor used by Spanish royalty throughout history. Marvel at the gleaming suits of armor, intricately crafted swords, and beautifully designed shields on display.


The Royal Chapel

Let's proceed to the exquisite Royal Chapel, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture and one of the finest examples of its kind in Europe. Admire the elaborate frescoes, gilded decorations, and stunning sculptures that adorn this beautiful space.


The Throne Room

We'll then move on to the awe-inspiring Throne Room, where Spanish monarchs once held court. Take in the majestic atmosphere and marvel at the lavish decorations, including intricate moldings, gilded mirrors, and opulent chandeliers.


The Queen's Private Apartments

Following that, we'll explore the intimate Queen's Private Apartments, a serene oasis within the palace. These rooms were used by Queen Isabella II and her family, and feature elegant furnishings, delicate porcelain, and beautiful tapestries.


The Pharmacy

Next, we'll visit the unique Pharmacy, one of the oldest in Europe and still functioning today. Discover the fascinating history of traditional medicine and see rare herbal remedies, antique instruments, and ancient books on pharmacology.


The Royal Kitchens

Our final stop is the impressive Royal Kitchens, where we'll learn about the culinary traditions of Spanish royalty. Admire the massive hearths, copper pots, and antique cooking utensils on display, and perhaps even sample some delicious local specialties.