Lisbon Botanical Garden

A peaceful botanical garden in the heart of the city, featuring a diverse collection of plants, trees, and green spaces.

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Lisbon Botanical Garden

Discover the beauty and diversity of plants at the Lisbon Botanical Garden, a 10-hectare oasis in the heart of the city. Explore themed gardens, such as the Mediterranean Garden, the Tropical Garden, and the Portuguese Forest, each showcasing unique plant species and ecosystems.


Mediterranean Garden

Wander through this fragrant garden filled with herbs, roses, and citrus trees, evoking the warm climates of the Mediterranean. Observe the intricate details of the plants, such as the delicate patterns on a leaf or the vibrant colors of a flower.


Tropical Garden

Escape to a tropical paradise within the Lisbon Botanical Garden. Discover exotic plant species from around the world, such as palms, bamboos, and orchids, thriving in the mild Lisbon climate. Listen for the songs of colorful birds and admire the vibrant butterflies flitting between flowers.


Portuguese Forest

Step into a recreated Portuguese forest, featuring native trees such as oak, chestnut, and eucalyptus. Observe the unique shapes and textures of the trunks and branches, and learn about the important role these forests play in supporting local wildlife.



Explore the glasshouses, showcasing a variety of plant species from different climates and regions. Marvel at the lush foliage and vibrant flowers within the warm, humid environments, and learn about the challenges of cultivating these plants in different conditions.


Rock Garden

Admire the rugged beauty of the rock garden, featuring a collection of alpine plants, succulents, and cacti. Observe the unique adaptations of these hardy plants to survive in challenging environments.


Water Features

Listen for the soothing sounds of water as you explore the Lisbon Botanical Garden. Discover tranquil ponds, bubbling fountains, and cascading streams, each adding to the serene ambiance of the garden.


Event Spaces

Enjoy a unique event or celebration within the Lisbon Botanical Garden. Choose from various spaces, such as the Grand Hall, the Rose Garden, or the Mediterranean Terrace, each offering a beautiful backdrop for your special occasion.