Hagia Sophia

Historical church, mosque, museum. Built in 537 AD, a landmark of the city.

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Hagia Sophia's Stunning Mosaics

Look up and marvel at the intricate mosaics adorning the ceiling of the Great Church. These stunning works of art date back to the 6th century and feature vivid depictions of Christian iconography, including the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.


The Awe-Inspiring Dome of Hagia Sophia

Gaze upon the soaring dome of Hagia Sophia, an engineering marvel that has captivated visitors for centuries. This massive structure rises 100 feet above the floor, providing a breathtaking view of the church's interior.


The Mysterious Underground Cistern

Descend into the depths of Hagia Sophia and explore the hidden underground cistern. This subterranean space features intricate carvings and mysterious stone heads, providing a glimpse into the church's ancient past.


The Imperial Throne Room

Step inside the opulent Imperial Throne Room, where Ottoman sultans once held court. Admire the lavish decorations, including ornate carpets, gilded chandeliers, and exquisite wood paneling.


The Church's Rich History

Listen as your guide recounts the fascinating history of Hagia Sophia, from its origins as a Christian church to its transformation into an Ottoman mosque and finally, a museum. Learn about the pivotal role this landmark has played in shaping the cultural and religious landscape of Istanbul.


The Frescoes of Hagia Sophia

Discover the vivid frescoes that adorn the walls of Hagia Sophia, depicting scenes from Christian mythology and Ottoman history. These intricate paintings offer a glimpse into the artistic styles of past eras and provide a unique perspective on the church's cultural significance.


The Magnificent Bronze Doors

Marvel at the impressive bronze doors that grace the entrance to Hagia Sophia. These massive gates are adorned with intricate carvings and feature a stunning blend of Christian and Islamic motifs.


The Church's Architecture

Appreciate the stunning architecture of Hagia Sophia, including its massive stone columns, soaring arches, and intricate mosaics. This landmark has been a testament to Istanbul's cultural heritage for over 1,500 years.