Rosenborg Castle

A Renaissance castle housing the Danish crown jewels and a museum of royal history.

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The Grand Hall

Adorned with frescoes and golden decorations, the Grand Hall is a breathtaking sight. This is where the royal family held banquets and receptions. Look out for the intricate ceiling paintings depicting Danish history and mythology.


The King's Chambers

Explore the private chambers of the royal family, featuring opulent furnishings and fine artwork. Don't miss the impressive collection of Renaissance paintings, including works by famous artists like Rubens and Titian.


The Great Hall of State

This grand hall was used for formal events and receptions. Admire the beautiful chandeliers, mirrors, and tapestries that adorn the walls and ceilings.


The Armory

Discover the castle's impressive collection of weapons and armor, including suits of armor worn by Danish kings throughout history. Be sure to check out the ornate display cases and historic flags on display.


The Royal Kitchens

Step into the castle's former kitchen and see where the royal family's meals were prepared. The kitchen is equipped with large hearths and copper pots, giving you a glimpse into daily life at the castle.


The Queen's Bedchamber

Experience the opulence of the queen's private chambers, featuring stunning furniture and textiles. Don't miss the beautifully crafted dollhouse, a miniature replica of the castle.


The Castle Garden

Take a stroll through the beautifully manicured gardens, featuring fountains, sculptures, and walking paths. The garden is especially lovely during spring and summer when the flowers are in bloom.


The Prince's Wing

Explore the wing of the castle that was once home to the prince and his retinue. This area features beautifully decorated rooms and offers a glimpse into the lives of the royal family.