Gellért Hill

A hill overlooking the Danube River, with the Gellért Thermal Bath and the Citadella fortress.

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Gellért Hill Summit

Start your journey at the summit of Gellért Hill, offering panoramic views of Budapest and the Danube River. Take a moment to admire the beautiful Citadel, a fortress built in the 19th century to protect the city from invaders. Don't miss the impressive Liberty Statue, a symbol of Hungary's independence and freedom.


Gellért Baths

Indulge in a relaxing soak at the historic Gellért Baths, one of Budapest's most iconic landmarks. These thermal baths have been serving locals and visitors alike for over a century, offering a range of pools and saunas to suit every taste. Be sure to check out the stunning Art Nouveau architecture and decor while you're there.


Gellért Museum

Step into the past at the Gellért Museum, located within the beautiful Gellért Baths. This charming museum showcases the history of Budapest and the Gellért Hill area through exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays. Learn about the hill's significance in Hungarian history and culture, and see artifacts from prehistoric times to the present day.


St. Gerard Chapel

Discover a hidden gem nestled within the Gellért Baths: the St. Gerard Chapel. This charming chapel dates back to the 16th century and features stunning frescoes, stained glass windows, and ornate wood carvings. Take a moment to light a candle or say a prayer in this peaceful oasis.


Gellért Statue

Pay tribute to the namesake of Gellért Hill at the impressive statue of St. Gellért, located near the summit. This legendary bishop and missionary is credited with bringing Christianity to Hungary, and his legacy continues to inspire locals and visitors alike. Take a photo in front of this iconic landmark for a memorable keepsake.


Budapest View Point

Soak up the breathtaking views of Budapest from the view point located near the summit of Gellért Hill. This strategic vantage point offers panoramic views of the city's iconic landmarks, including the Parliament Building, St. Stephen's Basilica, and the Chain Bridge. Don't forget your camera to capture this unforgettable sight!


Gellért Cave

Explore the mysterious Gellért Cave, located near the base of Gellért Hill. This network of caves dates back thousands of years and has been used for various purposes over time, from prehistoric habitation to Cold War-era hiding places. Follow your guide through this labyrinthine underground world and discover hidden secrets and stories.


Gellért Gardens

Unwind in the picturesque Gellért Gardens, located near the summit of Gellért Hill. These beautifully manicured gardens offer stunning views of the city and are a popular spot for locals and visitors alike to relax, picnic, or simply take in the sights and sounds of this charming urban oasis.