Revolution Square

A historic square in Bucharest, known for its significance in the 1989 Romanian Revolution, featuring the Memorial Cross and the former Communist Party Headquarters.

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Revolution Square in Bucharest

The Revolution Square is a significant landmark in Bucharest, Romania's capital. This square was previously known as the Palace Square when it served as the main entrance to the Royal Palace and has been the focal point of many crucial historical events that have shaped the nation's history.


The Romanian Athenaeum

One of Bucharest's most iconic structures, the Romanian Athenaeum, is situated on Revolution Square. It was built in the neoclassical style and has hosted some of the world's most significant cultural events, such as performances by famous musicians like George Enescu and Yehudi Menuhin.


The University of Bucharest

One of Romania's oldest and most prestigious universities is situated close to Revolution Square. One of the country's most prominent educational institutions, the institution has made significant contributions to the development of Romanian society and culture.


The National Museum of Art

Located on Revolution Square, the National Museum of Art is one of Bucharest's top cultural institutions. It houses a vast collection of Romanian and international art dating back to the 16th century.


The Orthodox Cathedral

One of the most recognizable landmarks in Bucharest, the Orthodox Cathedral is situated on Revolution Square. This imposing structure is a symbol of Romania's strong religious heritage and has been the site of numerous historical events.


The Royal Palace

Bucharest's Royal Palace, now the National Museum of History, is situated on Revolution Square. This magnificent edifice served as the royal family's residence and hosted numerous significant events in Romania's history.


The Military Club

Located near Revolution Square, the Military Club is a historic structure that has played a significant role in the nation's military and political past. The building has also hosted several high-profile events and conferences.


The Arch of Triumph

One of Bucharest's most recognizable landmarks, the Arch of Triumph, is situated on Revolution Square. This impressive structure commemorates Romania's participation in World War I and offers breathtaking views of the city.