Museum of Communication

A museum in Bern exploring the history and evolution of communication technologies, featuring interactive exhibits and displays.

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The History of Communication Hall

Explore the history of communication from ancient times to the present day in this captivating hall. Discover how humans have evolved their communication methods over time, and see artifacts such as early telephones, telegraph machines, and radio transmitters.


Interactive Exhibits

Get hands-on with the latest communication technology in our interactive exhibits. Try your hand at sending a Morse code message, or record your own voice and see how it sounds in different frequencies.


The Swiss Post Collection

Learn about the history of the Swiss postal service and its impact on international communication. See rare stamps, letters, and other artifacts from the Swiss Post Museum's collection.


Communication in Times of War

Discover how communication has been used in times of war throughout history. See authentic artifacts such as military radios, encryption devices, and teleprinters, and learn about the crucial role communication played in these conflicts.


The Future of Communication

Imagine the future of communication with us! Learn about the latest technologies and innovations that are shaping the way we communicate, such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and 5G networks.


Communication and Art

Explore the intersection of communication and art in our unique exhibit. See how artists have used communication technology to create innovative works, and learn about the role of communication in shaping cultural trends.


Communication and Everyday Life

Discover how communication technology has impacted everyday life in our comprehensive exhibit. See artifacts such as early telephones, radios, and computers, and learn about the ways in which communication has shaped society over time.


The Museum's Collection

Browse our extensive collection of communication artifacts and devices. See everything from ancient scrolls to modern smartphones, and learn about the significance of each item in the history of communication.