Bear Park

A park in Bern dedicated to the well-being of bears, providing a natural habitat for rescued bears and educational opportunities for visitors.

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Bear Park Entrance

Welcome to the Bear Park in Bern, one of Switzerland's most popular attractions! As we enter the park, take a moment to admire the stunning mountain backdrop and the picturesque river flowing through the city.


Bear Exhibits

Get ready to meet our lovable bears! The park is home to several species, including the iconic European brown bear, the powerful grizzly bear, and the adorable Asian black bear. Observe these magnificent creatures up close and learn about their natural habitats, diets, and behaviors.


Bear Caves

Descend into the depths of the park's Bear Caves and discover the secret lives of these incredible animals. The caves are a replica of the bears' natural habitats, complete with rocky formations, underground streams, and hidden den sites.


Bear Watching Platform

Step onto our elevated platform for an unforgettable bear-watching experience! This prime viewing spot offers a clear sightline of the bears' enclosures, giving you the perfect opportunity to capture some amazing photos and videos.


Bear Feeding Area

Join us for an interactive and educational bear-feeding experience! Our knowledgeable guides will provide insights into the bears' dietary needs, and you'll have the chance to witness these incredible animals up close as they feed.


Bear Park Restaurant

After an exciting day of exploring the park, indulge in some delicious local cuisine at our cozy on-site restaurant. Enjoy stunning views of the bear enclosures while savoring traditional Swiss dishes and refreshing drinks.


Bear Park Gift Shop

Finish your visit with a souvenir from our well-stocked gift shop! Find unique bear-themed items, local crafts, and educational books to further enhance your appreciation for these incredible animals.


Bear Park Trails

Take a leisurely stroll along our scenic park trails, discovering hidden gems like the tranquil bear pond, the lush greenery of the park's gardens, and the serene riverbanks. These paths offer a peaceful respite from the bustling city center.