Brandenburg Gate

An iconic neoclassical gate and symbol of German unity, located in the heart of Berlin.

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Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin's most iconic landmarks and a symbol of the city's rich history. Constructed in the 18th century, this imposing gate was once the entrance to the city, and its grand scale and impressive architecture make it a must-see attraction for visitors.


The Story Behind the Brandenburg Gate

Did you know that the Brandenburg Gate was originally built as a gate to the city of Berlin, but it was later converted into a monumental entrance to the city? Learn more about the fascinating history behind this iconic landmark and how it has played a significant role in the city's past.


The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Located just a short walk from the Brandenburg Gate, this poignant memorial honors the lives lost during the Holocaust. The memorial features a field of 2,711 concrete slabs, each one representing a single victim, and is a powerful reminder of the horrors of war and oppression.


The Berlin Wall Memorial

Just a few minutes' walk from the Brandenburg Gate, this outdoor museum showcases the history of the Berlin Wall and its impact on the city and its residents. See artifacts such as the original wall segments, guard towers, and even a preserved section of the wall.


The Reichstag Building

This historic building is home to Germany's parliament and offers stunning views of the city from its dome. Take a guided tour to learn more about the history of the building and its significance in German politics.


The Museum Island

This charming island in the Spree River is home to five of Berlin's most important museums, including the Alte Nationalgalerie, the Altes Museum, the Bode Museum, the Neues Museum, and the Pergamon Museum. Each museum offers a unique perspective on the city's cultural heritage.


The Berlin Cathedral

This impressive cathedral is one of the city's most recognizable landmarks and offers stunning views of the city from its dome. Take a guided tour to learn more about the history of the cathedral and its significance in German religion.


The Berlin Zoo

As one of the oldest and most famous zoos in Europe, the Berlin Zoo is a must-visit attraction for families and animal lovers. With over 19,000 animals from around the world, there's something for everyone to enjoy.