A bohemian street in Belgrade, known for its vibrant atmosphere, traditional restaurants, and live music performances.

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Skadarlija - The Heart of Belgrade's Bohemian Culture

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Belgrade's oldest and most charming street, lined with historic buildings, quaint cafes, and trendy shops. Skadarlija is a must-visit destination for any traveler looking to immerse themselves in the city's bohemian culture.


The Iconic Clock Tower

Admire the beautifully preserved clock tower, a symbol of Belgrade's rich history and architecture. Take a closer look at the intricate details and learn about its significance in the city's past.


Zumka - A Haven for Book Lovers

Discover one of Belgrade's hidden gems, a cozy bookstore filled with rare and unique titles. Zumka is a treasure trove for literature enthusiasts and the perfect place to find that perfect souvenir.


Sklari - A Taste of Traditional Serbian Cuisine

Indulge in authentic Serbian dishes at Sklari, a beloved restaurant nestled in the heart of Skadarlija. Savor the flavors of traditional specialties like ćevapi, kebaps, and gibanica.


The Street Art of Skadarlija

Walk along the colorful streets of Skadarlija and admire the vibrant street art that adorns the walls. Each mural tells a unique story about the city's history and culture.


The Belgrade Walls - A Glimpse into the City's Past

Learn about the rich history of Belgrade through its ancient walls, which date back to the Roman Empire. Discover the secrets and stories hidden within the stones.


The Bohemian Cafes of Skadarlija

Relax in one of Skadarlija's charming cafes, filled with the bohemian spirit of Belgrade. Sip on a cup of coffee or enjoy a cold drink while soaking up the lively atmosphere.


The Secret Garden - A Hidden Oasis in the Heart of Skadarlija

Discover a peaceful oasis hidden within the bustling streets of Skadarlija. The secret garden is a tranquil retreat, perfect for escaping the city's vibrant energy.